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Meet the artist

I was born in the year 1979 in Santo Domingo, the capital of the dominican republic.  In my youth is the roots of my passion for art. Im painting and drawing since im a litttle boy. First with pencil and chalk I tried to get my sourrounding on paper. I always wanted to be an artist. So I started to study on the “art school (??) in Santo Domingo, later on I switched to the grafic design area. My studies I ended as an academic in commercial-communication (????).

Since 15 years now Im painging with acryl (???). What moves me, has to get out. Fast, sontanious and direct. The colors are the path of my life. I never think of the result, I get moved by the colors.

I live and work in Aalen since 2011.


As long as I don’t think of anything, I’m creative.